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ROBOTmaker is a part-time project run by a small team of students, makers, tinkerer's and kinetic artists with a passion to simplify the integration between DIY electronics, maker stuff, micro mechanics (mechatronics) and kinetic art - our aim is to help get your innovative ideas into motion.

We understand that, for many, the idea is more important than the method of accomplishing it. 

Robotics is challenging, exciting, and fun! For students that are participating in a student robotics team can  develop the real-life skills needed as a professional engineer: collaboration, teamwork and innovative problem-solving using limited time and resources.

To help you  achieve this, our aim is to provide configurable kits - complete with mechanical & electronic parts bundled together with working code and wiring examples; simplifying your project and the integration between mechanics, electronics and kinetic art -  helping you get your idea into motion fast. 

We truly believe interactive mechatronics, making, tinkering, kinetic art  & robot making is great fun! - no matter your age or skill level.

Our objective is identify channels to make kits available soon.

We sincerely hope we can inspire you to take up this really exciting hobby ! 

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